Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Insomnia

another night taken away by thoughts of you.
eyes clsoed, forced memories have the qualities to break through.

a broken heart followed by nightmares
keep me up all night like this isnt fair, leading me into slight despair.

sleeping pills wouldn't even ease away this love insomnia i have over you.

lights on. can't sleep in the dark.
for the sake that i'd reminisce about you holding me close at night, promising that
you'd never let go which always led to a shining bright spark in my heart.

in deep thoughts wanting to fall asleep but all i can do is envision you.

can't sleep, can't eat; this love insomnia got me feeling consciously blu.

in desperate need of a blanket and a tissue, to wipe away all the mislead memories and to hide the dreams that were sold to me that never came true.

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